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Feature Videos

Each year the CFA’s feature organizations in our community that many people may not know a lot about, but that have a major impact in the lives of those they serve. Here you’ll find some of the videos featured in past CFA’s.



Quilts from the Heart

Quilts from the Heart is the primary philanthropic activity of the Konza Prairie Quilter’s Guild. The guild provides 150 small comfort quilts annually to the Crisis Center. The program began after the guild took a bus trip to the Houston quilt show in 2003. The guild had $203 expense money left over. Rather than divide that money between the 43 guild members who went on the trip, members decided to use the money as seed money for a new project. In December of 2003 Bonnie Olsen made a presentation to the guild’s board, and the board approved.


Pawnee Mental Health Services

Pawnee offers a wide range of outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults experiencing concerns related to their emotional and mental health as well as to their alcohol or drug use. Pawnee offers services for people looking for short term assistance with general problems related to their life and relationships. Pawnee also offers services for people looking for help with serious mental health or substance abuse issues.


UFM Community Learning Center

UFM is a non-profit campus and community education program serving Kansas State University, the Manhattan area and communities across Kansas. UFM was started in 1968 by a group of KSU students and faculty as a way to bridge communication between the campus community and the Manhattan community. That year seven classes were offered with 150 people participating. The goal at that time was to provide opportunities for students and faculty to interact more easily with the general community and to serve a variety of people in the community. UFM continues to address those goals 41 years later.



Engineers4Cancer is a fund of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. It was started by a young girl who lost her father to cancer. She decided to create an organization that would support caregivers of cancer patients, since she saw first hand how difficult it is.


People Helping People

The nonprofit organizations in our community work together to provide the most effective service to those in need.


Yes! Fund

For the last 20 years, the YES! Fund has played a vital role in funding programs with significant opportunities for boys and girls of every age, ranging from academics to athletics to the arts.